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    Default setting confusion


      I've just installed Livesafe on 2 laptops and 1 PC with Win 10 Pro.


      Noticed that Intrusion Prevention is not enabled on any of them, although I can see that it is intended to be switched on with a recommended setting? Why is it turned off by default, yet recommended? Confusing.


      Second point, I thought I would see SiteAdvisor in Google results, but it appears to off on all browsers: IE, FF, Chrome. Is there a way of enabling it, or is it a separate install?


      I tried to get live chat support but that failed to connect on several browsers and PC, so I am here looking for urgent clarification before I go off travelling with my laptop.


      Many thanks,



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          @Cave Homme


          Regarding the Intrusion Protection, it will be OFF by design. Secondly, Please change the settings as per below screenshot (Highlighted) for Site Advisor results in all the browser.


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            I think you mean Intrusion Detection in Firewall, yes?

            It is off by default as it is still not fully tested.

            If it was on then Basic would be the recommended setting.

            It's not to be confused with Access Protection which is on by default in Navigation > General Settings and Alerts.


            I am not totally sure about this but should you turn on Intrusion Detection it would result in pop-ups galore and large log files, but please don't quote me on that.

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              Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure where the Webadvisor settings are in Livesafe, or are you referring to another download / install that is required?

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                Yes that's the Intrusion that I was referring to. Is there any more info on this function, other than the help file? I'd be interested to learn more detail and understand if it's partly trying to do what other anti-exploit software such as Malwarebytes or Hitmanpro.alert are trying to do - I use the second one currently.

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                  ....put another way, I am assuming that webadvisor / siteadvisor protection is already included in Lifesafe, but I cannot see any settings, nor can I see my Google search results showing as safe or otherwise. IF something separate needs downloading and installing, will that not conflict with Lifesafe and cause a slow down?

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                    WebAdvisor has nothing to do with Intrusion Detection settings.   You'll find WebAdvisor in your browser add-ons if you use IE, Chrome or Firefox and the options illustrated above are reached by clicking just to the right of the Webadvisor icon on the top right toolbar, if it's installed.

                    If not go here to get it: McAfee WebAdvisor by Intel Security

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                      BTW I have no idea what it actually is meant to do other than the obvious from its name.

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                                              In regards to your Web Advisor Ratings/Annotations to be visible.

                        1- Open Internet Explorer 11

                        2- Up in the upper right hand corner of the page, left click on the (White Gear Icon).

                        3- When you see (McAfee Web Advisor) Left click on it.

                        4- Click on Settings and select the (Middle Option) as shown in Post #1.


                        ( Note)   Of course that is ,assuming you indeed have it installed. If not, follow the instructions  Ex_Brit  suggested in his post.


                        All the Best,