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    Where Is ClientControl.exe in ENS?


      In HIPS, clientControl.exe /execinfo could be used to get exact information regarding an executable.  This was very useful for adding executables and applications to the catalog.  Where is this functionality in ENS 10?


      I have found that by navigating to an EXE file, in add Trusted Executable in the McAfee Endpoint Security application, I can get the details of the executable to fill in, such as the description and exact signer.  BUT the navigation UI is terrible.  I cannot get to something hidden like a users AppData folder, and there is no way to drop in a full path, like in most Windows file navigation screens. 


      A command line tool would be much easier to use in many cases.  Is there a command-line method in ENS 10 of obtaining executable information? 


      Or if not that, can we at least get a decent file navigation control?


      - Charlie