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    Total Protection reports "JTI/Suspect!65750"


      I had a problem last night with a Windows 10 update, which basically broke my copy of TP. So I removed the existing (broken) copy, rebooted and installed a fresh copy. All seemed well at first, but the new copy kept quarantining the main executable for the game "Just Cause 3" which had been installed mid-July and the old install of TP had been quite happy with. TP is complaining that it's found JTI/Suspect!65750 in this executable - which is a piece of malware that I can't find. (Given I was reasonably sure that JC3 is okay, I just added it as a scan exclusion and I'll probably hit it with a 3rd party scanner like MAM at the weekend just to be sure that this IS a "false positive"). I probably point out that my old copy of TP was kept up to date with signatures etc and was only installed itself only about four months ago.


      Has anyone come across this malware or, as I strongly suspect, is this a false positive from my new install of TP? I'd love to file a bug report, but unfortunately the only way to do that seems to be to wait for 2hrs+ in either a Chat session or on the phone.