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    What DAT to download for EPO 4.0 if pull fails

      I have ePO 4.0 and occasionally it fails the daily pull update (has the last 3 times cause it's failed to verify file size) I'm wondering what I can download and check in to get it back up to date? I've tried both the .zip and the .exe dat's on the DATs tab and neither one will check in. I don't want to do the superDAT, and I looked on the Packages tab of the security updates and it says it's "DAT Package For Use with Mcafee AutoUpdate Architect & ePO 3.0"

      Is ePO 3.0 a typo? Can I use this one to check into ePO 4.0?

      Side note, anyone know why I occasionally get that "failed to verify file size" error doing it's scheduled pull? I used to have it only pull once a day, then it started getting that error a few times so I added a second scheduled pull. Yesterday it failed both pulls.