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      Lenovo has reported the following issue with the licensed Express Cache software with the following types of encryption products:
      Software - Full Disk Encryption (FDE) products such as DE and EEPC.


      Hardware - OPAL Self Encrypting Drives (SED).
      The following symptoms have been reported:

      The Express cache might not function.
      The computer might perform the same with or without the Express Cache software installed, therefore losing the expected speed improvements.
      The cache might not be encrypted, which defeats the purpose of deploying encryption.
      Express Cache software might cause unwanted side effects in the encryption software, where the system stops responding, or data corruption occurs.
      The following specific details have been reported with DE 7.1:
      Successfully install DE.
      Assign users.
      Encrypt the disk and activate.
      After restarting the system several times, users who could previously log in at preboot are no longer able to authenticate.

      When the preboot system becomes corrupted, you will see one of the following error during the preboot authentication stage:

      Fatal Error [ee000007] Internal initialization error

      Fatal error: File access error at startup

      Fatal error: 0xEE0D0001 - Failed to read registry file

      MfeEpe.log records the following errors:

      Error performing policy update: [0xEE0D0001] Failed to read registry file
      Failed to update system policy
      .\..\..\Src\EpeGenSystemPolicyHandler.cpp: EPE_gen_system_policy_handler::set_policy: 353: [0xEE0D0001] Failed to read registry file
      userHandler: failed to process user updates/acknowledgement: [0xEE010002] [0xEE0D0001] Failed to read registry file
      ExpressCache software is incompatible with FDE and OPAL SEDs.
      Uninstall ExpressCache software if your computers have either FDE or OPAL encrypted drives.
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      Related Lenovo article: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=HT074986.