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    Enable macros


      I am unwilling McAfee customer -  I paid ransom ware to stop constant interfering popups, even though I had already gone with a less aggressive and more ethical provider.

      Unfortunately McAfee interferes with my use of word documents. It uses a pop-up to prevent you doing your work.

      Every single time I access documents I have to override and "enable" being able to use word.

      McAfee has a fixation on disabling macros - what threat it sees in working on your own documents - escapes me.

      Does anyone know how to get around this McAfee virus?

      Wow - I sure hate McAfee! I once had a lot of respect for this company before it got this aggressive.

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          Let's start with which McAfee product you're using - there are many - without knowing that it's really impossible to give you any useful advice.

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            Hi SafeBoot,

            Unfortunately I have McAfee Total Protection.

            It has just knocked out the daylight saving setting on my computer yet again - it made me late for an appointment yesterday, and misrepresented the time I sent an email. I guess I can no longer trust the time on my computer anymore.

            I really appreciate your help.

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              Well I don't believe I've ever heard of Total Protection changing the daylight setting before - What makes you think Total Protection is the cause of this? That would be interesting indeed.


              But, re the Macro scanning - it's not something that can be disabled in the Total Protection or Livesafe consumer products we currently offer. There are so many viruses propagating via doc macros, it would not be sensible to give most of our customers the ability to turn such an important protection feature off.


              Yes, I know that a few customers, like yourselves, could be trusted to understand the significance, and not blame us if they got hit after turning it off, but we aim to protect as many people, with the best protection we can - thus you're going unfortunately going to be inconvenienced because most people don't understand how dangerous macro viruses are and tend to turn things off without fully understanding what that means.


              It's the same argument we went through when we removed exceptions - we were seeing people download hacks and warez etc, then add them to the exclusion lists because McAfee kept telling them the files were infected (or, just adding the "downloads" folder as a general exclusion) - then of course who gets the blame when a virus slows the machine to a crawl and starts popping up ads? Yup. us.


              Especially as we see a lot of ransomware attacks sent through macro-ware - I don't see us adding an option to disable it anytime soon.



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