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    Importing old releases to EPO's Master Repository


      Ohio!  .o/


      We're running EPO 4.6.6 internally. We have started to deploy some Windows 10 boxes (build 1607) around the company and required to update the Agent and AntiVirus packages EPO offered to support this. I imported the McAfee Agent 4.8 all good. I then imported the 'Install - Windows (Patch 8)' to the current branch and forgot to hit the checkbox to move the previous version to the previous branch, effectively removing the 'Install - Windows (Patch 7)' - at the time I didn't think much of it, but after realizing that AntiVirus 8.8 patch 8 no longer support Windows Server 2003 R2 ... I realized the world of pain I've just caused.  We only have a handful of machines running Server 2003 R2 left, but they definitely still require AntiVirus protection. I have attempted to import the patch 7 installer again through EPOs Software Manager, but cannot seem to figure out how to - it doesn't offer it. I also attempted to find and download the Extensions from McAfee, but again - I am only being offered the latest version.


      Am I able to download and inject or get EPO to download the "Install - Windows (Patch 7)" package again?



      Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.



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          keep the latest extension, it won't have an impact on your devices running windows 2003. You can get the old package 7 package from the mcafee download site, it won't work with software manager, by selection "all version". By default it only shows the latest version.

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            Hi Andre .o/


            Thanks for the pointer. I was unable to download patch 7 from "my downloads" on the McAfee website, for one reason or another it only showed patch 8 and a re-post of patch 6. So I grabbed patch 6 and successfully imported it to the 'previous' branch of my EPO and hopefully it will successfully deploy to the Server 2003 box I accidentally removed - once I get around to testing it, I shall edit this post - but all signs point to a win atm.