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    Epo Database

      Hi there

      Is there any documentation explaining the function of the tables within the ePO database in SQL server.
      I have 17 ePO servers with more than 900 Distributed repositories, and would be helpful in running my own custom queries.


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          I never heard of any public docs about the table structure.
          However you can open a support case and ask for the tables relationship.

          Anyway, I have a lot of custom sql queries that might interest you. What type of query are you looking about for example?
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            I have developed software that queries and draws the DAILY DAT status from 20 ePO servers and databases all over Africa and exports it to a Excel worksheet..

            So far, it works well. (I have managed to stop people login onto the servers just to generate these stats..WHich was a time consuming process)

            Some of these servers have 300 distributed repositories, and would have like to know where the repository data is stored. We need to re-create the database, and would like to find an easy way of "importing" the repositories, than manually re-creating them.

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              As far as queries is concerned.. Could I take a rain check.. I may need them in the near future ??
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                Epo repository configuration is not stored on DB, you need to make a copy of SiteMgr.xml from each ePO box.

                This may help.
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                  The only thing you can query the bd, regarding repository, is their activity (to know what's the most used, for balancing purposes for example), with something like this:

                  select Sitename, count(*) as actv from productevents
                  where Year(EventLocalDateTime) ='2008' and Month(EventLocalDateTime)='08'
                  and SiteName<>''
                  group by SiteName
                  order by actv
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                    This will definitely help.
                    • 7. custom sql
                      hi: epo909

                      I'd be very interested in any custom queries you have and might be willing to share. I've been charged with building a suite of reports directly from the epo database and i could sure use some place to start. i'm a developer and not familiar with the epo product.
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                        For example, my all time favorite is:

                        select eventlocaldatetime, productname, productversion,
                        hostname, username, virusname, name, filename, engineversion,datversion
                        from events, eventfilterdesc
                        where events.autoid > (select max(autoid) - 100 from events)
                        and eventfilterdesc.eventid = events.tvdeventid
                        and eventfilterdesc.language = '0409'
                        order by eventlocaldatetime desc

                        This returns you the last 100 entries of the 'events' table, in which you will find that is the place to be.
                        Even if you have a 20Gb DB (like me) the query time is very fast, so it can be used to output real time info, has a linux root-tail for example.
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                          thanks. and that was very fast i just tried it.

                          what tables do you think i'm most intereseted in?
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