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    TIE 2.0/ATD-SANDBOX, Rating from ATD done and good but FILE in TIE stays at LEVEL 50 (Which means NOTRUN)


      * Mcafee EPO 5.3L

      * ENS 10.2

      * Framework 5.0.4

      * Latest TIE-Server Update made and reboot made


      Running TIE infrastrcuture.


      Sample way it goes>


      1) A file is unknown AND thus sent to the ATD-3000 Sandbox

      2) ATD-3000 rates the file "Most Likely or Migth be Trusted"

      3) Feedback given back to TIE and we see that it's rated from ATD


      The "Composite Reputation" however WILL stay at "UNKNOWN" and thus File would not RUN

      "Local Reputation average" stays 50 and thus will not run


      Our wish (If the ATD rated a FILE as good and TIE has no other inof it should run the file)


      * File UNKNOWN 50 will not run (Any new file)

      * If so the ATD-3000 will anaylze give Feedback to TIE (Which works)

      * TIE will then let the FILE run


      Am i complete doing something wrong in concept? has there been a new conecpt for the version 2.0 which we missed?