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    laptop semi-bricked by IAT


      I'm currently looking at a laptop that was returned by a former colleague some time ago.

      Upon startup it states that either a user password or server password is required. The machine is locked by Intel Anti Theft because of a detected platform attack.


      The AT-serviceprovider number is 13100, which - if I've read this forum correctly - is related to Macafee.


      The credentials for logging in to the (any?) online service for remote unlocking are lost, i.e. unknown. The IT-department has no information on the machine either anymore (2012 machine, write-off).

      Ofcourse we could wipe the HDD with Killdisk and have the laptop properly recycled. But is there any way of unlocking the machine or can we consider it a pretty expensive paper-weight for now?

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          You need to call support and they will put you onto the AT team. You will need a pic of the boot screen with the details easily read.ie show

          Platform ID:

          Service Provider ID:


          Please post that here. Then call support



          That said I will ping a tech as well Support might be faster as Selvan may not be on duty for a day or 2.

          selvan  can you assist please

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            Thank you for responding Peacekeeper,


            The IT department already tried Tech Support as far as I know and gave up on it. They even labelled it 'hopeless'


            It's too slow for company standards however still powerful enough for word processing/internet use/mail/bookkeeping software and hence for donating to some local charity.


            The platform ID is: DPE6PI25GNJIED

            Service provider ID: 13,100

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              Wiping the hard disk won't help - Antitheft is a platform level lock - you'd need to swap the motherboard to remove it.

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                AS Safeboot says it is hardware dependent on the motherboard though Selvan should be able to help you when he is on duty. He has hepled most in this forum.

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                  First of all, thank you both for contributing. My research of the Intel AT already taught me that wiping the HDD wouldn't help. Fact is that, whatever the outcome, I'm going to have to wipe the HDD for (company)

                  privacy purposes.

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                    I understand that I used to do that for our State Government Department when we rolled out the older PCs at 3 years and setup the new ones. We usually sold them to staff .


                    For the new user to use the laptop Selvan needs to assist you if he has not posted here in next 48hrs post back and I will try another tech.

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                      Forget that I pinged his whole team someone should assist you soon. Do you have proof of purchase that might be required. May not 4 years back.

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                        Thanks for your effort. As far as proof of purchase goes, I have the original box and all the documents. I know that my former colleague ordered the laptop himself and got reimbursed (he wanted a different keyboard layout which our IT-supplier couldn't deliver that fast). I could probably request it at our financial department.. they probably still have the paperwork for staplers we ordered 10 years ago as well  

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                          Unsure if it will be necessary but that is what is normally asked for. best to start process to get it while we wait. It is something we mods as volunteers cannot do sorry. 

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