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    Adding exeption to Total Protection


      Hello there!


      Ok, i feel stupid but for the love of the god, i cant find the solution.


      Just recently i came back to play some Fallout 4 on my PC. There is that app (pip boy) that i use on my phone, that helps with alot of things in game, like showing map, statistics etc. It used to work just fine with my previous protection program however this is the very first time i try it while using mcafee. To get it to work, i have to turn firewall off as total protection seems to block that app and im getting 'connection error' pop up.

      As the app is on my phone, i have no idea how to add it to exception in mcaffee tp.


      I know that it's probably something extremely easy to do, but i just cant get to find the solution.


      Please help me with it.

      Thanks in advance!