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    Migration of clients from EPO3.6.1 to new EPO4

      I have a EPO 3.6.1 server with clients reporting to it running Mcafee Agent 4

      I've built a new EPO4 server as we were having problems with the 3.61 server with database corruption and thought it would be better to build EPO4 from scratch.

      I'm looking for a easy way to point the agents to the new server (different name and IP)

      I really would not like to reroll out MA4 to all the clients again as its 6mb and really kills the network. Is there a file or reg key I can tweak on the clients to make them report to the new server.

      If possible I could create a package using a script to change reg keys/install files and then distribute this to the clients - my guess is it could only be a few kb which is a lot easier to distribute and won't kill the network.

      i've thought about using sms installer which takes a snapshot of the machine and then you install the new agent and it takes another snapshot and records the differences and packages it up for you - Anyone tried something like this? Is it remotely possible?