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    Limitations McAfee IPS FO Sensor Model ?




      According to the following sentece, do you know what is the exactly limitations of FO Sensor Model ?


      "Both Sensors must be of the identical model type, and have the same signature set and software

      loaded. (One of the two Sensors may be a "Failover (FO)" Sensor model, which is a fully functional

      Sensor limited to operation as part of a failover pair; it cannot operate standalone."

      McAfee Network Security Platform 8.3  IPS Administration Guide (Page 118)




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          Hi Samir


          An FO type sensor must always be paired with a standard type sensor in order to get updates. If you have a 'standalone' FO type sensor installed on NSM, it won't take updates (policy, sigset, etc).

          Once the sensor is paired with a standard sensor, the manager is able to update both sensors.




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