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    epo-MVT manual installation


      Hi everybody,


      I've some troubles with epo-MVT. I can install it through the ePo, it works well, but I want to add it into the Windows masters for new computers.


      When I install the deployment package found on this website, it install standalone MVT which is not reported in the ePo, nor added to the products linked with the agent.


      My questions are :

      -it is possible to install it without using the ePo task ?

      -if it is possible, what am I doing wrong ?


      Thanks for any help you can provide

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          Try unpacking the ePO-MVT Deployment Package, you may find the msi or exe. 


          You will still need to add ePO-MVT Extension Package, ePO-MVT Deployment Package & ePO-MVT ClientContentUpgrade Package to your ePO server - not for deployment task but for managing aspect of your MVT systems.