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    Installation on Suse 12




      I am installing McAfee epo on suse linux but its giving below ootput and not installing anythig.


      Can anyone suggest on this.


      Below is output when fire .sh



      Creating temporary directory...

      space required to copy archive is 3503202 bytes

      space available at bootstrap_0lgHiG is 28325830656 bytes

      extracting archive to bootstrap_0lgHiG... please wait

      1741894+0 records in

      1741894+0 records out

      1741894 bytes (1.7 MB) copied, 1.7016 s, 1.0 MB/s

      11+1 records in

      11+1 records out

      6006 bytes (6.0 kB) copied, 7.72e-05 s, 77.8 MB/s