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    Scanning Rootkit


      I get McAfee Anti-Virus free from my service provider and have it installed on a Windows XP laptop.  During my scheduled scans, it gets stuck on Rootkits.  It gets so bad that it takes 2+ hours to complete the scan.


      This only happens occasionally.  Sometimes a scheduled scan takes 20 minutes...but more often it takes 2+ hours due to Rootkit.


      I followed Knowledge Base article titled, Virusscan Stops Scanning At 98% or 99% Complete (Document ID TS102052).  After downloading the "fix", I get the following error:  ModifyCntxtId.exe is not a valid Win32 application.


      I then downloaded the McAfee Virtual Technician but it only found issues with my subscription...probably an issue with my service provider.


      Is the patch (ModifyCntxtId.exe) only built for newer operating systems, such as 64-bit?  Is there a 32-bit patch?

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          XP is falling out of support altogether, you should update to either Windows 7 SP1 (good until 2020) or Win 8.1 (good until 2023) or Windows 10  (good for quite a while yet.....2025).  Therefore the software isn't guaranteed to work on XP.  Make sure XP is totally up to date before the following.

          You could try Technical Support but they may tell you the same thing.

          Contact Support

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            catdaddy can you please move this to Consumer > General, thanks.

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              Thanks.  I understand McAfee will or has stopped support for XP, but isn't this a known issue?  Stalling on Rootkit?  I'm just looking for the previous fix.

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                It was an issue ages ago and by the way, it isn't stalling on a rootkit, it is stalling looking for rootkits.  The language of the message you see is misleading.

                It hasn't discovered one, simply has stalled at that stage of checking, usually because there's a corrupted zip file somewhere it can't unpack.  Normally it would eventually finish, but it may take absolutely ages to do that.  As per  Scanning Progress shows "Scanning: Rootkit" AV Plus Crashes + indiscreet Pop-Up upon Internet Connection

                make sure the software is totally up to date but note the latest version of the software wont install on XP as it's an obsolete OS, you'll always get an older version which wont update fully as a result.

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                    My McAfee automatically updates everyday; however, it's probably just updating the signature files and not the build (16.8).


                    I don't have any zip files on my computer.


                    So McAfee never issued a patch "ages ago?"


                    I see your name on lots of discussions, so I accept your conclusion that as long as I'm using XP, I can't fix the issue.



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                      Thanks.   My Antivirus is now version 19 (on Win 7 & 10), so yes, the versions may be different.

                      I'm glad you use the search function, so many people do not.

                      I'm no longer a Moderator here, however.


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                        BTW you'll continue to get the daily signature files but eventually they will stop, but when that will be I'm not sure.  The last time I had a chance to check with a McAfee person on that score, they didn't have any end date.

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                                           To concur with what Colleague Ex_Brit ( My friend) has stated. This issue has long been acknowledged and fixed. My recommendation is to (Upgrade) your operating system to receive full benefits. I like you are a 'Windows XP ' Diehard, as I am with Windows 7 Sp1, opposed to Windows 10.


                                           Now...having said this I will eventually have to upgrade to Windows 10.


                          All the Very Best,


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