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    ePO Agent Problems (old version)

      Hello everyone. I'm having a very unique problem with uninstalling McAfee.

      I'm an IT intern, and one of my jobs is to remove McAfee from the older computers and replace it with Trend Micro (which, by the way, will not run with McAfee on the computer). I started this Dell PWS530, Intel Xeon, Windows 2000 computer the way I normally do, by going to Add/Remove Programs and removing McAfee. However, the ePO Agent (v3.5.0.412) stayed.

      Now, here's the problem. I've searched up and down, left and right, and tried every possible way to uninstall the ePO Agent, and there is no such file called "frminst". I cannot physically delete the files either; I get "Access Denied: File in use" errors, on both the network and local admin accounts. There is no uninstall in the Add/Remove Programs area. Below is what's seen in various folders.

      Help me out! This is quite a unique situation.