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    Windows 10 Notifications Says McAfee Not Working


      I think that this is a Windows problem and have asked for assistance there, but folk here may have had the same bother.


      I have just been upgraded to Windows 10, version 1607. Since then I've been getting a Windows Action Centre notification upon Windows starting up that Windows Defender and McAfee are both turned off, and another saying that both Windows and McAfee firewalls are turned off. Clicking on these messages and trying to turn on the McAfee via the dialogue screens does nothing, except sometimes to set the Action Centre emblem flashing wildly.


      I have checked McAfee, and it says that both of them are on. I have run McAfee's MVT checker and it says that my McAfee has no problems.


      Windows Settings says Defender is 'Off'


      Services at Task Manager says that Windows Firewall is 'On', but it cannot be turned off here.


      Control Panel says re Windows Firewall: 'These settings are being managed by Vender Application McAfee', and cannot be changed -- but going to Advanced Settings (left-hand menu) and Windows Firewall Property, it says that the Windows Firewall is on, on each of the Domain, Public and Private Profiles.


      So -- am I getting a clash between the two firewalls? Shall I turn Windows Firewall off at each of these profiles? If I did this, would this really turn off the Windows Firewall and stop any clashes, or might it lead to other problems? And why does the notifications say different things to what both McAfee and Windows Settings are saying?


      I have checked for Windows updates, and they are up to date.

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