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    TIE 2.0 First look


      We were heavy waiting for the TIE 2.X update because we think you should not use 1.3 in Enterprise
      with a lot of new files daily. You simply could not manage it good with the Reports, Dashboard they had in 1.3.


      Short report:


      Update went good and is described in the PDF. All steps are mentioned. Sometimes it would be very helpful for us with just a few screenshots.





      One bug found and NO i am not going to OPEN a ticket and upload MER for you lazy Tier 1. Call us if you want the info ;-) And yes send FREE TOTALPROTECTION for us for the
      BUGS we report you….



      *BUG: In the DASHBOARD if you select *Composite Reputation" as add. field you get this error. Maybe CACHE Related but THEn please advise in UPGRADE Doku,



      Not sure if this is any way related to an old problem we had based on older SQL version:


      Butsch.ch | Mcafee EPO: Error after TIE integration on EPO 5.3 in VSE Report


      Greetings from Switzerland



      Sample from TIE 2.0

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          Hi bretzeli,

          saw the same error message in my environment, my TIE just showed "Position 27".

          The next day anything was fine again. How about your environment?


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            No the error is still there.


            Try it like this and it may show the error too?


            Click on a point in the TIE Server Malicious Dashboard


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              Hm, the error is gone in my environment.... I did nothing special.... only rebooting the system.... nothing special.... just upgraded to DXL 3.0.

              Are you using this DXL version?


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                Finalised the Upgrade vom DXL 2.0 to 3.0 on the TIE Applliance and on 10 clients. Maybe this resolves some things which "seemed" to be different after the Update from TIE 1.3 to 2.0.


                Was wondering why the ATD-3000 appliance did not get DXL 3.X since we updated the firmware there just a few days ago.


                I guess you can "normaly" deploy the Mcafee DXL-Client as we did with the TIE appliance with a JOB and select Mcafee LINUX OS? I don't want to try that because it's an appliance and we have no Snapshots to be safe.


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                  be carefully when installing anything not default on the TIE Server. In any case when i did this i was not able to upgrade the TIE server any more.

                  Therefore i always install TIE Brokers, because they can easily updated. But i let the TIE Server as it is without an DXL broker. So we did this in this way at customers 10000+ endpoints with up to 150 locations around the whole world


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                    Oh good to know but too late (If this was wrong). There is a "direction" regarding that in the DXL manual i found. So i "guess" it would be safe to update just the DXL-Broker on the TIE appliance.

                    The only reason we did it was it was mentioned in the manual.