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    Repository Selection

      Hi all McAfee Experts !!

      I've a question about the repository selection by the Agents.
      If I plan to have a large number of repository (30), the list is maintained on the ePO Server and updated to the Agent.

      So my Agent has a list of 30 repositories.
      There are 3 solutions for him to select the best repository (list order, ping, network mask).

      My question is : will the Agent scan every time a download is required for the 30 repositories or cache the best one ?

      80% of my computers are non mobile but 20% are laptop and may move from one site to another one.

      How long does it take to scan 30 servers ?

      Thank you for your help.
      Have a nice day.
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          Anybody to help me ? :o
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            No it will not - it will only rescan the repository selection if certain circumstances are fullfilled like something changed in the SITELIST or the IP address of the client changed.
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              Thank You.
              Have a nice day.

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                One more note as we found out.

                If you are using Ping do not setup the repository until the PC hosting the repository is at its final resting spot.

                We found out the hard way when setting a a file/print server that was also going to be a repository. We setup the server in our HQ and then sent it out to the branch office. We of course test the repository to make sure it work when it was here. The problem being is the repository list changed which force all the clients to re-ping the repository's to see which one was quickest. All the PC's in the HQ building picked the new server. Well when we shipped it out, all those PC's still checked into that server because the sitelist did not change nor did the clients IP address. The only problem is now it was across the country.

                Lesson learned we now use a set list for the repository and tell it which repository to use. No longer hope Mcafee picks the right one.
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                  So do you apply different policies to groups? Otherwise how do you tell them to use a specific repository.
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                    In your Agent Policy for Repositories you would use the "Use Order in...." and disable all repositories but the local one and the ePO repository. This way say you have a site in CA. That site will only receive updates from the local site in CA and if that is not available then they will receive updates from the master repositories. We no longer let Mcafee pick the site. It is not reliable enough for us.