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    USB Fails After MS CU KB3194496 if DLPe Is Present


      If Microsoft Cumulative Update KB3194496 installs on a Windows 10 computer that has DLPe 10 installed, the USB ports will fail to operate. Usual user complaint is that keyboard and mouse are inoperative, yet one can connect to the desktop via RDC okay. If one opens Windows Device Manager, all USB devices have yellow warning badges.  Restarts and cold restarts do not fix the problem.


      We have observed this on 38 domain-joined Windows 10 desktops this past week. 


      Microsoft Cumulative Update KB3194496 was issued on September 29. It only applies to Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) computers. 



      Our best fix so far is to remove the DLPe agent via ePo then restart the desktop.  The USB ports are then okay. 


      I have not investigated further yet.  One thing I want to see is what happens if I reinstall the DLPe 10 agent after MS CU KB3194496 has been successfully installed.


      - Charlie