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    Help with Epo cloud and windows xp




      I need some help after migrating from security center to the Epo cloud and apologise if this has already been answered but I couldn't find the answer anywhere?


      We've recently migrated and so far so good and it looks like I've got loads to learn but first I need to make sure all our clients are moved over to the new service. This is where my issue starts.


      We've got some clients still running Windows XP and server 2003 and every time I try to install McAfee endpoint protection I get the error agent could not be installed. Now I have learned this is because the agent being installed is version 5.0.4 and it's not compatible with windows xp however this is the only agent version I have in the master repository of the Epo cloud.


      How do I install an earlier version of the agent? Any help is much appreciated