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    TIE and MOVE 4.0


      Hi Community,


      after digging around a lot the last two days I´d like to ask the community about my problem...


      I installed TIE and MOVE 4.0 in our enviroment. I double and triple checked every policy and read all documentation but the problem still exists... On the MOVE scan server with VSE88 the TIE reputation with transmission of files and certificates to the TIE-Reputation page in ePO works totally fine. BUT, none of the MOVE clients (function in policy enabled) produces any entry in the page. It seems as the function is only working for the two scan servers where VSE88 with the TIE plugin is installed but not for the MOVE function. Every status is "enabled", or active, and DXL status also reports connected and so on... only the endpoints scanned by the scan servers are refusing to use/report tie.


      Also tested with all the the TIE test files from here... How to identify new executables and certificates running in your environment with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange


      Any ideas? Anyone also encountered this problem?


      Best regards