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    Switching ePO servers


      In my company, we currently have two separate ePO servers (call them A and B).null They're used for different systems based on internal policy.

      Now, some systems have installed the Agent for server B,null when they should actually connect to server A.

      Do I now need to uninstall the Agent from those PCs and reinstall the Agent for server A or is there a possibility to manually edit a file or fix a .reg to do the trick ?

      thanks for any pointers
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          I would just push the agent from the right server to the system and enable the option that the installation is forced to overwrite the existing installation.

          after the system is recognized by its new server, you can delete it on the old one (without removing the agent)
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            Thanks for the answer

            Unfortunately, "pushing" isn't (yet ?) allowed by firewall policy... We only do Agent pulling new policy/installs... at predefined intervalls.
            At the same time, how could I push a new agent on a PC which I can't see on my server (not using LDAP - we only see systems once the agent is installed...)

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              you cant push in that case you would need to use a third party tool to distribute the new agent
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                You can install it manually if you have acces to the server or workstation.

                Just create a new Framepkg.exe from your EPO console you want this workstation or server to be on.

                To remove the old agent manually you can use this command in the

                framepkg.exe /remove=agent

                (Remove the workstation or server from your other console)

                once this agent is removed, copie your new Framepkg.exe on the disired workstation or server and double click it to install. Once it's installed, do a collect and send props and you should be in business
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                  Thanks for all the replies so far.

                  We actually do manual install on the systems. I also know how to do a manual uninstall and reinstall.

                  That wasn't my question, I guess I wasn't clear.

                  I'm actually trying to find out if there's a way to switch server without doing a reinstall of the agent...

                  Since there are some info in xml files and in the registry, I was wondering whether I might just fix the registry & SiteList.xml (?) file on the target systems.

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                    We seem to be in the same boat.

                    Still haven't found a solution sad
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                      Why don't you pick the sitelist.xml from a computer that connects to server A, and replace the file on computers that connect to server B?
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                        That was my question essentially.

                        Would this work ? (Haven't tried yet)
                        Would I need to tweak some other file and/or registry key ?

                        I guess I'll have to try on a test computer.
                        (Mustn't forget to remove the migrated systems from the original server DB)

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                          Before touching sitelist, I think that you need to disable the access protection on the vse, or else it will deny access to the file.

                          Let me know if it worked.
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