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    Change VSE CPU Priority

      I have recently pushed out VSE8.5 to all our client machines using ePO4.
      On a couple of machines i am having issues where Mcshield is taking up a lot of CPU. I understand that this is due to the OnAccess scanner.
      My question is, can i change the CPU priority from high to normal through ePO.
      So that other tak can get some CPU if needed.

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          Speaking of the On Access Scanner you cannot. Beside this would decrease the whole system performance as every process accessing a file has to wait until VSE finishes the scanning. If you would decrease the VSE performance all process would wait even longer.

          When facing performance problems creating proper exclusion is the way to solve this.
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            I'd say what you can do, is check which files get modified a lot (ex. database files on a DB server, or files modified by developers) and fix the exclusions so that these files do not get verified all the time.