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    Scan Engine 5300 & EPO

      I have just got a report from another EPO Admin who has a problem with the new 5300 engine. He has deployed the 5300 to at least one lab system and told me that the McAfee VirusScan is no longer starting.

      He has manually updated the 5300 engine on several systems with no issue. These systems are running with VirusScan 8.5i with Patch 4. We did not go to patch 6 or 6.1 due to the issues that people are reporting with the high CPU usuage.

      The admin told me that problem system is reporting back that it still has the older scan engine 5200. I have already deployed this egnine 5300 to over 1000 systems and only see about 6 that are still reporting back the older engine 5200. I guess I will need to send people out to check thos system just incase McAfee is not starting.

      Does anyone now if there is an issue with installing the 5300 from EPO on systems running Patch 4?
        • 1. ScanEngine 5300 with EPO4
          We have CPU utilization of 27.4% constantly on 20 servers after 5300 has been implemented. We also had an issue with some of McAFEE's own files were reported as malware on the EPO. Is it required to restart the servers after 5300 deployment?