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    Mctray not starting on reboot


      Hello community,


      I am encountering a problem with McAfee Agent on specific Windows 7 client.



      Windows Server 2012 R2

      EPO-Server 5.3.0




      Industrial PC for Tooling Machine

      Windows 7 Pro SP1

      McAfee Agent


      After deploying the agent on the client, the tray process not do not start.

      Event after reboot the mctray.exe do not start, although the registry entry seems ok:


      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


      "IAStorIcon"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\\IAStorIcon.exe"

      "McAfeeUpdaterUI"="\"C:\\Program Files\\McAfee\\Agent\\x86\\UpdaterUI.exe\" /StartedFromRunKey"

      "McAfee Sapr Process"="\"C:\\Program Files\\McAfee\\Solidcore\\Loadsapr.exe\""


      However starting C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\x86\UpdaterUI.exe directly works fine and the tray icon appears.

      What purpose does the argurment /StartedFromRunKey have?

      Could I edit registry key and remove that argument safely?

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          Have you double checked your Agent policy in ePO to have the system tray icon appear? I believe McAfee's defaul may not have it appear, but I may be incorrect in that assumption.

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            I have not touched the default policies.

            However the tray icon is checked in the default policy, so this is not the reason.


            I have to add, that the auto start works with Agent for that client most of the time.

            Can there be any concurrency problem with other services?

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              I could narrow down the issue.

              The mctray.exe is not starting, when after reboot I directly login with remote desktop to the client.


              If I login with the same username first locally, the mctray.exe process starts.

              Logging after that via remote desktop => the mctray.exe is running.


              Although it seems Windows 7 related, other Services can start their tray processes without an issue.