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    Repository List - Problem with second source

      Hi all

      I'm testing ePO 4.0 Patch 2 with VSE 8.5.0 Hotfix 6.10. I have some problems with my pattern update repository list.

      I wan't to define a alternate source for pattern update, because i'd like to update my systems also if ePO is offline.

      In my policy for McAfee Agent 4.0, I defined the following list:
      ePO_TESTSERVER1 / Global / active
      FTP-BACKUP / local / active

      If I have a look to the setting of VSE8.5.0, the first repository is FTP-BACKUP and the second is ePO. How can I change the order of these two repositories. I tried nearly everything in my policy (move up, move down, ...), but nothing worked, my (local) FTP ressource is always on top of ePO.

      I don't wan't to manage my FTP-BACKUP repository with ePO, because it becomes unmanaged too, if ePO is offline. I update this repository using a mirror task in VSE8.5.0.