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    Cross-domain agent deployment issues

      I am having a problem deploying the agent to computers in other domains. I get "Failed to authenticate with remote system, system error: The network location cannot be reached."

      I used the AD sync to import the systems. To do this I entered the FQDN. However, they don't show up in EPO with it. Just the Netbios name, and when I go to try to push the client out I get the above error.

      I have used the FramePkg.exe on one system. Then forced it to call in to the server and it works great.

      I have added a hosts entry for another system and was able to push it out just fine as well.

      While a decent work around with 10,000+ clients (Agent) and 100+ servers (SuperAgent) this is really not a viable option.

      Is there a way to make sure that AD brings it in with the FQDN.

      Keep in mind this is ONLY cross domain. Within my domain things work fine.

      Thanks in advance for any help.