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    Agent 4.0 & 3.6?

      The readme for agent 4.0 doesn't seem to be terribly clear on what happens to the old 3.6 agent - is it removed, upgraded or left behind still to be used? :confused:
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          are you talking about: forcing an installation over an existing client?

          I am updating from and from my point of view all old files are removed and it is a complete new installation (especially because the directory changes from "Network Associates" to "McAfee"...
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            Ah sorry, missed a crucial part, but yours is another good question!

            I meant loading it into EPO - what does it do with the old agent? Is it still there and receiving/applying policies to the clients or does it need updating on the clients?

            Likewise, if we push it out to clients, does it uninstall the old agent automatically or do you have to do that via policy?
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              I only know this from our old 3.5.0 ePO installation...

              when I checked in the package for the CMA 3.5.5 the old package (3.1.1) was deleted / overwritten

              when I take a look at our actual ePO 4.0.2 installation, there is a software called "ePO Agent Key Updater" in version "3.5.5". maybe CMA 3.6 can be operated in parallel or is automatically updated, but as you can see, I can not give you a definitive answer.

              hopefully someone else can
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                Well I went for it - it hides the old version on EPO so it will only roll out v4 from now on..
                The old 3.6 agent still checks in and works fine, it seems!

                Had to amend our deployment policies as they were set to roll out the agent so would have upgraded everything which we don't want yet