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    BUG REPORT: If e-mail subject contains quotation marks (") the .msg evidence file cannot be downloaded.


      Normally - if e-mail subject is: FW: vykdomieji, then link to download corresponding .msg evidence file is: javascript:openEvidence('\\\\server\\evidence$\\','FW: vykdomieji.msg','08\\AA\\{1F08FAEA-3787-4316-847B-8F9C4198C5E1}.msg.dlpenc');



      but in case the e-mail subject contains quotation marks ("), for example: SuperSecret 5" days

      then link to download .msg evidence file looks like this -

      javascript:openEvidence('\\\\server\\evidence$\\','SuperSecret 5\



      Of course file cannot be downloaded.

      Obviously quotation marks breaks the javascript command.



      This should be fixed asap.


      Is this the issue also for other DLP users here ?