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    Access protection problems with CQMGHOST in combination with 8.8P8


      Hey All,


      Started with the rollout of P8 into the environment.

      Access Protection rule violation detected and blocked on the process "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CPQMGMT\CQMGHOST\CQMGHOST.EXE"


      I get about 600000 events per day, and that is for now from 1 Server.


      Found that this is already listed as a known issue with McAfee for the P8

      McAfee KnowledgeBase - The HP Insight Foundation Agents process cqmghost.exe is blocked by Access Protection 


      Basically tells me that this can be resolved by changing config of the HP agent.

      And then asks me to open a case with HP.


      Now my server team told me they have other priority's...
      Is there anyone out there that had this problem before and already knows how to resolve/work arround it?

      Is the HP workaround a quick fixs, or should I implement a Exclusion ( something I would prefer not to do )


      Thanks for sharing your experiences.