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    Can not display Block Message for HTTPS sites via MWG


      Can someone please help me here. I have a rule ( test rule ) as detailed below:




      Summary of this rule:




      This is a simple rule - If the URL.Host is www.test.com, then display MWG Block Message. ( Please note this is no dis-respect to test.com ).


      If I select http://www.test.com then I am presented with the MWG Block message ( as expected ):




      But when I select https://www.test.com I am presented with:




      With the increasing proportion if https: requests, we are experiencing an increase rate of incidents where if a https:// request is sent via Browser, and the MWG presents a Message ( Block, Authenticate, Welcome, Coach) etc. then we are receiving a message from the browser like immediately above. Browser message varies depending on browser type.