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    Refresh GTI Reputation Works every 2nd. Click in ePO




      We have ePO 5.3.2/156 installed in our environment.

      We are using TIE Server and Broker to provide information to 25.000 Endpoints.


      My problem is that "Refresh GTI Reputation" will work every 2nd. try for checking manualy.

      So I have one Hash/File in TIE Reputations - I choose it and push the "Refresh GTI Reputation Button" - I get Error refreshing GTI reputation.

      Then I choose the same File again and press the Button again, then I get "Successful GTI Reputation refresh".

      And when I try to do the refresh for the same File/Hash again, it says "Error refreshing GTI reputation" again.

      and so on...


      This will be every time on the second try to refresh the GTI rep manualy of a File.

      Can anyone explain why this error accours?

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