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    McAfee Client Proxy - Authentication/Authorization Problem


      Hello all.


      I currently use MWG in direct proxy mode with Windows redirecting all traffic to the MWG virtual appliance via the use of WPAD and DHCP option 252. However, Mozilla Firefox and a few other applications don't honor option 252 (or they don't seem to work very well with it) so I'd like to attempt the use of the Client Proxy application.


      So far I've installed the application on two test machines, one on our domain and one NOT on our domain. I've also asked our EPO admin for a proxy server OPG file that would point to my test MWG environment. That OPG has been placed inside the temp folder under McAfee Client Proxy's ProgramData folder (C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MCP\Policy\Temp) and About McAfee Client Proxy tells me the settings are configured correctly. Traffic from the test machines are going to the defined proxy address and port.


      However, I get a Block Page each time on the two machines when I try to browse. The message says McAfee Web Gateway has blocked your request because you have not been authorized and authorization is required. I read that Client Proxy is supposed to forward users' auth details in HTTP headers so I checked those headers in rule traces and they were empty.


      Why is this happening? What database does Client Proxy even use to authenticate users and authorize requests?
      about mcp.JPG

      empty headers mcp.JPGno auth.JPG