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    Agent Handler upgrade


      Hi All,


      I am preparing the plan to upgrade the agent handler servers in our environment.

      The ePO server is already upgraded to 5.3.1, but the AH servers are running with 4.6.7.

      I see the ePO server itself listed as Agent Handler server with other 5 servers.

      Now I see there is no McAfee ePO services running on 2 servers but listed in AH server in ePO.

      How can I make sure that a server is installed as agent handler apart from the services.

      Also do I need to make any changes in ePO server when upgrading the agent handler servers.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Further to add on this, is there any backout plan after AH upgrade if something goes wrong.

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            Actually, you should always keep your Agent Handlers at the same rev level as the ePO server itself.

            Utilizing virtual machine snapshots is a great way of providing a simple back out plan.

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              Did you stop Event Parser and Apache service on your AG prior to epo Server upgrade to 5.3?


              After the epo upgrade


              Open folder where extract was done

              Copy AGENT HANDLER folder to your agent handler systems


              run set up


              (Destination folder cannot contain double-byte character's)


              Type in name of ePO Server AG to communicate with

              specify port for client to server use

              You need ePO Admin USER and PW with Global rights

              for DAtabase Information DB instance and server (DB-Server\ServerName

              list authentication type (Smart card ect)


              Your user anem and password

              DB name again if not already populated


              Run final install

              when Complete re enable from the AG interface in the ePO console and reenable your AG services in the AG system(s)


              PS make sure your AG polices separate the traffic to AG's if the Where of reporting to is important for your systems, i.e. distant or physically closer


              IF a first time AG install the steps are not the same as above.

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                If your AG is a VM then a snapshot is a simple back out.


                Be sure to delete the snapshot when post testing passes. That will get too big and slow down your realtime instance.

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                  Yes, I stopped the AH services before the ePO upgrade. And I started them after the upgrade completed.