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    Updating ePO DAT Repository offline

      Hi all,

      I have searched and searched but can't find an answer to what I think would be a common question.

      We are looking to install McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator onto several systems which are not connected to the internet. I assume that you can manually download the DAT files from the McAfee website, burn them to a CD, and then update the ePO server somehow.

      1. What file(s) do I need to download from the McAfee Website?
      2. Where do I put them on the ePO Server so that it can update the Repository and then push the updated DAT/Engine out to all machines on the network?
      3. Do I need to create any special tasks / settings to tell the ePO Server where to get the updated virus definitions?

      Ideally, this could all be configured to happen automatically and then the files would just need to be copy pasted into the correct directory. I don't want to have to manually login to each ePO Server and "check in" the DAT files every week, if that can be avoided.