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    SiteAdvisor Enterprise 2.0 and IE7

      Good afternoon all. We recently checked in SiteAdvisor Enterprise 2.0 into our EPO4 environment to evaulate. We were encouraged that the proxy authentication issues that stopped us using 1.5 had been fixed.

      However upon deployment to a select few (my Boss and I being two) we have had mixed results. My PC works fine (I run IE6 and Firefox 3.0). However my Boss is not having much luck with his IE7. It works on his Firefox 3.0 without any problems.

      We both have the same domain policy in place, both have the plug ins enabled and both have "allow third party apps" enabled in Internet Options. Its as if the plug in isnt enabled, but in the IE options, it is. Does anyone know of a fix or had similar experiences?

      Thank you for any thoughts/opinions.



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