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    Can't reinstall mcafee




      I am not particularly happy with mcafee this last days.

      First of all, I spent the last 2 days trying to install Windows 10 anniversary update, but it didn't work: I had a black screen with dot moving in circle for hours without nothing happening... I tried 2 more times, same problem...


      Windows 10 problem ? Maybe not  because the update succeded after uninstalling Mcafee.

      So here I am, with windows 10 up to date, but not mcafee anymore because I simply can't install it (at the end of the installation the box just said that the installation wasn't successful without details). I tried twice and I don't know yet what to do!


      I don't want to lose half a week trying to have a my computer up to date and a properly working antivirus...

      Could you please help me to install your software?


      By the way, apparently your forum is a target for spammers today, I don't find it really nice for an antivirus website...


      Thank you and have a nice day

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          It is usual to uninstall Mcafee prior to updating the OS that said I did that for 2 installs and was lazy and did not do it for the 3rd install. all worked but maybe I was lucky.


          I would uninstall Mcafee via windows IF it shows up in the programs and features list then run the MCPR removal tool from here

          Removal tool MCPR

          I assume you did not install any paid versions of other AV software like malwarebytes premium etc They can clash with the install.. I assume not but had to mention it sorry.


          If no help I would call support they will troubleshoot the issue. sometimes the install server drops off.

          Support Portal

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            it is working now!


            I didn't have any other Av SW, so I downloaded MCPR and used it.

            Then mcafee installation was successful !


            Thanks a lot for your help !

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                           Glad that you were capable of resolving your issue   I highly recommend that you 'Bookmark' and save those 2 Links Colleague (Peacekeeper)  provided you , just in case you may need them in the future.


              All the very Best,


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