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    Windows Firewalls setting for Solidcore ePO


      Hi Team,


      We are testing solidcore to push agent from ePO, but the status failed when deploying the agent with Windows Firewall Turned on.

      If firewall is off, i can deploy the agent successfully.


      Followed these steps.

      1. Installed Solidcore

      2. enabled windows firewall, added port 8081 and 8082 in inbound rules.

      3. IP Address of ePO 192.168.xxx.xxx ePO server

      4. Added “192.168.xxx.xxx ABCDEFG” in hosts (C:\Windows\System32\....etc\)

      5. Added “New System” in the System Tree. We can see “ABCDEFG” in the System Tree.

      6. Checked in the “Server Task Log”. Showed “Deploy McAfee Agent” is “Failed”.


      Please let me know what are the ports need to be added in firewall so that we can deploy agent without any issues with the solidcore agent installation.


      Thanks in advance.

      -Anil Katta