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    EPO 4.0 MSDE crash, change to SQL

      My first post here so sorry if this comes wrong or is repeating things.
      Yesterday our EPO 4.0 stopped working and after some faultsearch on the server
      and reading on this forum I became aware of the limit of 2Gb in MSDE.

      There were many threads about this but one thing was missed out, so I thought I
      post it here to help someone else maybe.

      When MSDE limit hits in you can´t access/log on EPO anymore,
      it says "bad creditentials". In EPO 3.x one would use cfgnaims.exe after you altered
      your database to SQL, in EPO4.0 one should use https://EPOSRV:8443/core/config
      But you CAN'T!!!! :eek: since the MSDE i full you cant login on this page and alter to the new database, so you got a new database but can't log on to activate it.:confused:

      I did as follows, and it worked:
      1. Move your database to SQL (as so correct discribed i many other threads here)

      2. Make sure the McAffe serivces are stopped.

      3. Change the settings in these files where they are reffering to the database name/server.:
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\conf\epo\epo.properties
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\conf\orion\db.properties
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Server.Ini

      4. Start the services

      5. Run https://EPOSrV:8443/core/config

      6. Check the forms that servers database and so on is correct.

      7. Type in your password and run test connection (which should be ok)

      8. Hit APPLY and let it work ...

      9. Restart the services again to be sure and VOILA, it workes ... at least for me. happy
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          If you hit the 2GB celing w/ MSDE, another option to consider is just running an in-place upgrade to SQL 2005 Express which has a 4GB limit.


          One of the motivations for us to upgrade EPO to 4 was the compatibility with 2005 Express since we have been dealing with the database size issue for the past several months.
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            Right on, that one I missed out on :rolleyes:
            I've just installed 2005 Express next to the MSDE and manually moved the database.
            All I really had to do according to this is to upgrade ...... well you learn each day.
            But IF one would change to for example Sql 2005 or Sql2008 one would have to do as I said from the beginning. :)

            Another thing I learned now was that express limit is 4Gb!!!
            What do you think about that UNVNettech?
            Since my installation reached 2Gb after only 6 month, how fast will it not grow to 4Gb?
            Any experiance?

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              Since I took over our EPO installation about a year and a half ago, we have been hovering around the 2GB mark the entire time. Major PITA and there is no $$ for a full SQL install.

              We upgraded to 4.0 this week and as of today, the database is sitting at 2.04 GB. The ability to grow the database past 2GB is critical for us and eliminates the need to constantly comb through to make space. We run several other Express instances and the biggest hassle would be the lack of maintenance plans (which you can work around, check the web). It will be interesting to see how the DB grows with the new version.