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    Difference in DAT versioning

      I've noticed 2 difference versions of the same DAT Files being recorded in ePO4. Anyone has any idea? The 2 i encountered are 4.0.5345 & 5345.0000.

      How come the same DAT is listed in 2 different ways? Anyone can shed any light on this?

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          That i have seen also. Normaly ePo4 use this identification: 5345.0000
          Last week i deploy an agent on a old client and in this case ePo4 show following:
          Virusscan 8.0.0 Wrk and Dat 4.0.5032
          But few minutes later change it to Dat 5345.0000 after update.
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            There has been some other threads relating to this. As far as I can tell, it is the version of agent that determines the format of the dat. It is a real headache in our environment that has both 3.6.0 and some 3.5.5 CMAs. It has made any sort of dat report rather useless to me.