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    Reinstall of ePO


      Looking for some advice on the steps needed to complete a reinstall of ePO whilst maintaining all of the existing configuration and policies.

      Am running ePO Version 4.0.0

      The reason for the reinstall is we have just identified a conflict with running ePO and WSUS on the same server. Both require port 80. (Even though WSUS can use a configurable port for distributing patches (i.e. not port 80) it still requires port 80 for the 'self update tree'.

      The idea therefore is to reinstall epO using a different port for agent-to-server communication.

      My tasks therefore is to produce a plan detailing how this can be achieved and in what order. On first glance it looks like the following will have to be done prior to the reinstall.

      1. Back up the SQL 2005 Express DB
      2. Export all policies for each product
      3. Export the Repository List (SITEMGR.XML)
      4. Backup security keys (Can I use the agent -server key even though I will be changing the port - I assume so)
      5. Anything else???????

      What order would I then have to restore the above data?