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    Dell E5470 with Drive Encryption 7.1.3 doesn't accept keyboard input at DE login


      If this laptop is started while USB input devices are connected, it will prevent the user from typing her password into the Drive Encryption login screen. I have seen this issue with DE 7.1.1 on just about all Dell laptops utilizing Skylake processors (E5470, E7470, M7510, M7710, etc.) However, I have always been able to correct the issue simply by updating to DE 7.1.3. This one particular E5470 doesn't respond to the update like the others do.


      When I upgrade to Drive Encryption 7.1.3, I am updating the DE Host, EEPC, and DEGO packages. In this case, I have also completely decrypted the drive and allowed the Agent to recreate the pre-boot file system and that didn't help either.