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    Migrate the ELM Database


      Hey everyone,


      We have a Management ELM database LUN that is 512GB on a SAN. We have a new and much faster SAN that I would like to migrate too. I created a new LUN on the new SAN which is now 2TB for the management database.


      How do I migrate the database to the new SAN and then make that Database the active one? The old SAN is no longer required and will be re purposed once the data is moved.


      Thanks for the help!

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          This is the same issue I have in a thread below. I don't think I got the correct answer but I have been tinkering today and found the following.

          I have added my new SAN device. The storage guys did and it appears in my list of devices in data storage menu (from ELM properties).

          I then added a storage a storage device in the storage pools menu (called Netapp03 for obvious reasons).

          I found that once that was there I can add and remove pools using that new device. Initially I added an entirely new pool but could not figure out how to get the data across. What I found when I went to edit one of the older storage pools is that there is a reduce size option on the allocations in the pool. When you click reduce size it tells you that if data is affected it will move it to other allocations in the pool if there is space or it will delete it (see below)

          "Enter the size in Gigabytes that you would like to remove from the allocation.  If the allocation is not full, it will simply be reduced to the new size.  If the reduction will affect data, it will be moved to other allocations in the pool if available or the oldest data in the allocation will be deleted."


          So, what I did was remove the new pool that was separate to the old one and edited the existing pool. Once inside that you can add a new "disk" using your newly created disk (netapp03). So the pool now has a disk (virtual I guess) that includes the original space and the new space.

          the theory I guess, is that if I reduce the size of the original disks to below what they are storing then it should move the data to the new disk I just added to the pool.


          this is a theory as I am not game to try it unless I have someone from McAfee confirm it.


          I did remove some virtual disks because I had 3 disks in the pool each of 1024Gb and very little space used on each. I tried reducing them to zero so that I could delete them but it wouldn't let me reduce them to less than 4GB. I don't want to delete them with a potential 4GB of data still on them.


          Hope this helps and someone can chime in to confirm it is the way to go.



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            Whoops - didn't mean to confirm that was the correct answer.


            I am looking to migrate the ELM management database using the "Migrate DB" feature that is under ELM Management - looks like we are discussing 2 different topics here as I am referring to the ELM Management DB.


            Thank You