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    Scheduled Scan runs very slowly and effectively stops the laptop


      I'm using McAfee Internet Security on a Windows 7 laptop, but recently the Scheduled Scan almost comes to a stop at 81% ( not sure if this is coincidence but this is around the 250,000 files mark) and effectively stops the laptop being used for anything.


      It stops me using any other application when at this point - i assume McAfee is using all the system resources. I'm creating this question from another machine because it won't let open IE and a webpage on the machine in question. Laptop is W7, 64 bit, i7 8 core processor with 16gb RAM so I can't see that it would be a hardware issue. Hard drive has 50gb free.


      I can't cancel the scan, the pause is greyed out. Even shutting the machine down will now take 30 minutes plus.


      What's wring with it? As it is the machine is unsable during a scheduled scan. What can be done, apart from the obvious option to unistall this software and try something different.


      Security centre version 13.6 / build 13.6.1599 / last updated 08/04/2016

      McAfee Antivirus and Antispyware version 17.6 / build 17.6.569 / last updated 08/04/2016


      Thanks, Jon