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    How to obtain agent MA 5.0.3 ?


      Need for a virtual Windows XP pro 64Bit Service Pack 2 an anti-virus protection. I understand that the MA 5.0.3 can be used for this. How can I obtain/download it?.Preferably using first a free-version to see whether it installs and runs well on the VM. Thanks for further advice.

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          XP 64bit was discontinued many years ago - the file you're asking for (McAfee Agent) is only available to enterprise customers - and it's just an agent, it does not provide any protection. You'd also need EPO and VSE8.7, VSE 8.7 was end of life at the end of 2015


          Microsoft ended support for XP64  in August 2009, and even extended support ended in August 2014.


          Generally, there is nothing available that will protect you - you're using a 7-year-old OS which had very limited distribution in the first place and uses a processor architecture (IA64 or Itanium) which is not common given how prevalent x64 has become.


          Time to upgrade I'm afraid.

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              Thanks for clarifying. For certain applications I still need Windows XP. I try now a solution where the virtual machine does not require an Internet connection.