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    Export blocked connections log


      Using up-to-date versions of McAfee Internet Security.   I have a whole flurry of blocked inbound connections today.


      I'd like to export the full log file to a spreadsheet or CSV file so I can analyze what's happening.


      There doesn't seem to be a way to do it.   You can't even cut and past from the Security History window.   So if I want to analyze where the traffic is coming from I need to manually type the IP addresses into the IP search tool.


      What a pain.


      There has to be a better way.



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          It's not possible as far as I know.  That data is simply there to tell you the firewall is doing its work.

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            VERY disappointing.   The detailed data in the history is of very limited value if you can't extract it for analysis.


            It would be one thing if there were only one or two entries.   But I have to believe that in the typical situation where I need to react or take some action there are likely to be thousands of entries.   In this case the current Security History screen is of almost no value.

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              I believe the way they look at it would be to say, "that's the whole point, there's no action to take".

              The availability of those logs harks back to earlier versions of the software and there's talk of losing that part of the GUI.

              The logs can be downloaded and read by support staff in a proprietary format if need be during a support session..