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    ePO 3.6.1 Virus Definitions Out of Date

      I'm new to ePO & this forum. Upon checking my ePO server, I noticed that the DAT that's currently in the repository is from several days ago, 5337. How do I update it? Then how do I push it to all replicated servers? Then how do I push it to all clients?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Here's a broad overview:

          Setup a Scheduled Task to pull down the daily dat from McAfee's website.
          Setup Scheduled Tasks to replicate the Master Respository to the Distributed Repositories.
          Setup in ePO Agent settings how often Agent to Server Communication happens. You can also force an Agent Wakeup Call to immediately get the clients to talk with the repositories.
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            Thanks, Travler.

            I should have replied once I resolved the problem, but it turns out that another scheduled the replication task hung, leaving all following tasks in a wait state.

            The Fix:
            Stop & Restart ePO services. (Unaware of which of the three to stop, I stopped all 3, but after further digging, it appears I only needed to stop the "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.1 Application Server" service. Don't quote me on that.)

            This basically reset the schedule, and the next scheduled task started at the time prescribed. That happened to the task to download updates, which completed successfully.

            Updates and replications have occurred normally ever since.

            Thanks again for your reply. These communities are great when everyone comes together to share knowledge.

            Best Regards,