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    McAfee DE 7.1.X accepts password but still fails to authenticate


      I'm encountering one of the strangest problems I've seen with McAfee Drive Encryption. It only affects one user on one computer, as far as I am aware. When he enters his password, The main window with the title bar "Logon" goes away and acts like it will continue to Windows, but then immediately brings up Error EE0F0001, Failed to Authenticate. If I actually enter a password that is wrong, the same error message appears but without dismissing the "Logon" window behind it. Every other user on the computer is able to log in without problems.


      I know the password he is using is correct because I can check the box for "Change a password" and it will prompt for new and confirm password.


      I have reset the user's token via Administrator recovery with ePO and it did not help. I completely removed encryption and upgraded from Drive Encryption 7.1.1 to 7.1.3 before re-encrypting the drive. That didn't help either.